The history of Carving

The history of fruit and vegetable carving is unclear.

Some claim that this form of art originated in Thailand in the 1300’s. Fruit and Vegetable carving was a skill taught to women in the Thai Royal Palace. It started the fruit and vegetable carving trend and stemmed from a story about the “Loi Kratong Festival”. The ceremony took place during the night when there was a full moon every November. It is a traditional Thai art that decorates rafts using banana leaves and other similar decorations.

At one of these festivals, King Phra Ruang’s servant “Nang Nopphamas” carved a vegetable into a flower using a real flower as a template on top, she also carved a bird and a swan and placed them on the flower petals – her raft was truly amazing!

In fact, King Phra Ruang liked the craft so much that he declared every women should learn the art of carving.

However as time passed, the popularity and novelty of fruit and vegetable carving fluctuated. In 1808 King Rama II even wrote poetry about this art!